Refunds + Shop Policies

Brandy uses a handful of methods to bring you the physical products at Shop She wants to bring you her own best work, but also tools she curates and recommends.

Brandy believes transparency is good business, so she goes into detail on this page. She launched this shop in Spring 2020 and is on a learning curve herself. Thus, these policies are subject to change.

Returns and exchanges
If you are unhappy with your item, you can return or exchange your item within 30 days of receipt. Buyer pays for return shipping of the item to Chicago. If the item is flawed, or the wrong item is sent, Brandy will replace the item at no cost.

If you paid via Paypal, your refund should be processed within 24 business hours. Please note, the refunded amount must be transferred back to your banking institution from your Paypal account.

Paid via credit card? Your refund can take three to five business days to show up in your banking account.

Brandy's biggest request: If you are ordering apparel items, do not order multiple sizes of the same item. Every apparel item it produced print-on-demand for you. Brandy shares detailed information on every item to help you make the best decision first. See the print-on-demand section below for more information.

Order cancellation
All print-on-demand products are made to order specially for you. If you wish to cancel or amend your order, please use the link provided in your confirmation email. You can edit your order at any time before it goes to production. Please keep in mind that in some cases, this could be as soon as two hours for Rush shipping, just 12 hours for standard shipping.


International shipping
International orders are subject to customs fees. These fees vary by value, weight and other factors. We do not take responsibility for customs fees. 

Order didn’t arrive?
If your order didn’t arrive:


  1. Please check the items’ product images to view the estimated shipping times. Some items in this shop ship directly from Brandy. Many are print-on-demand and take extra time to print, package, and ship the item. Other items are dropshipped* from different areas of the world and have cheap shipping charges, but can take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Brandy adds as much information for that specific item in the product images.
  2. Check your shipping confirmation and confirm your mailing address is correct.

If it correct, contact to look for updated information. It is best to forward your shipping confirmation to Brandy so she can look up the correct order.

If the address was incorrect, you can place a new order to replace the item. Depending on the type of item, if it is returned to Brandy or a vendor and can be refunded, your original order will be refunded.
 Shop Processes

Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) is a product that isn’t made until you place your order. When you place your order in your size, color, any other choices, that order is made especially for you by the print company.

Print quality
Brandy is a printmaker-by-training, and holds her POD vendors to high standards. That said, a print-on-demand apparel is not the same as silkscreened apparel.

If you are choosing a dark color apparel item, the layer of white is digitally printed first, and then heat dried. The second layer of printing, is like a large scale version of your home computer printer, putting down all the color at once.

Happily POD printing has improved GREATLY since Brandy had a sad, little Café Press shop two decades ago. Yes, silkscreen can give you a thicker coverage of ink, but it also makes shirts feel hotter and more plastic-y.

Pros and cons
The upside is that this reduces a lot of material and energy waste to only make the items truly wanted. It also makes these items possible in the first place, because Brandy doesn’t need to keep inventory or pack and ship products.

The downside is that this makes exchanges and returns very difficult, since that item was custom printed for you. By all means, if there are flaws in the product or you were sent the wrong item, Brandy will replace those items at no cost to you.

Making sure you get want you want
Do not order multiple sizes of the same clothing item to try on and see. Brandy doesn’t have the infrastructure to take returns on print-on-demand items without costs to both parties. She works hard to:

  • Use product images that clearly and accurately represent the item. Color varies from screen to screen. If you have ANY questions about a product, please email Brandy first at
  • Choose true-to-size items
  • Use fewer vendors known for their reliability, so if you order multiple items, you should expect consistent quality
  • List accurate dimensions in both Imperial/US and Metric systems

If you see other things Brandy can do to improve your print-on-demand shopping experience, please email her at


Dropshipping means when you order an item through Shop, the order goes directly to the supplier who packs and ships the product directly to you. Brandy pays the vendor, but does not have contact with your item before you get it.

Brandy will include the country of origin on every dropshipped item to help you make your decision. She’ll post the most accurate shipping times she knows. Most dropshipped items are coming from China with very low shipping costs, but can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Brandy strives to choose good quality for dropshipped item, but she does not order and test every variant of a product. She welcomes your feedback when you receive something that doesn’t reflect standards.


ANY questions, please email